Abaaraha, which means ‘drought’ in Somali, is the first ever crisis mapping platform built for Somalia. Launched in March 2017, the platform provides relief responders with information that allows them to connect with drought victims so they can render aid faster and more effectively.
The platform enables relief organizations to visualize where and what type of urgent needs are needed in the country. It enables also the relief organizations to plan and respond more effectively. The project is run by tech volunteers and it doesn’t have revenue sources. The data collected through the platform is free for anyone to use.

Access to Information: Abaaraha crowdsources information needed to coordinate relief efforts. The platform collects information through text, phone calls, emails and social media alerts and displays it on a map

Crowdsourcing: Abaaraha uses crowdsoucing by bringing information needed to provide immediate relief in drought-stricken areas in Somalia. This fills the information gaps which previously existed.

Community Empowerment: Besides raising awareness and funds, Abaaraha by is geared toward community empowerement though provision of information. The open data gathered helps authorities to identify, track and efficiently respond to areas that require relief and thus prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

We (a group of Somali tech volunteers) started off the concept by asking ourselves “what can we do to tackle this drought beyond donating money.”

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work. There are many ways to get involved with Abaaraha.

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1. What is Abaaraha?

Follow this link for a video description Abaaraha